Inspired by Rimbaud’s poem “Le Bateau Ivre”, “Becoming” is an immersion in colors, voices, light and music.

You will be guided through your own experience of “Becoming”:

Pre-Book your visit: in order to make sure you can enjoy the best experience, it is better to book in advance.

Welcome: Take your shoes off and leave them in a locker you will access again when you leave.

Start your journey: a maximum of two visitors will be able to start at the same time.

Leave: A short walk on cold pavers and in low light will take you away from whatever was your day so far.

Dive: Once lost in this tunnel, you will leave the pave stones and start to feel the sand under your feet, and discover the first part of Becoming. It’s an experience of colors, voices, sounds, music and lights.

Lights that will make you feel underwater.

A light show will take you through the slow discovery of the colors of Becoming, a 9 meters long watercolor panel inspired by Arthur Rimbaud’s poem “Le Bateau Ivre”, calligraphed and colored.

Music and voices and sounds are synchronized with the light show and highlight the colors on the panel, following the rythm of differents artists reciting the poem.

A music soundtrack supports their voices and takes you even farther away.

Disclaimer: Soundtrack awaiting permission from Monsieur Jean-Louis Trintignant, the Estate of Monsieur Jean Marais, the Estate of Monsieur Gérard Philippe, Madame Fanny Ardant and for the music the courtesy of Mr. Arvo Pärt

Rise again: Leave the sand and find the cold pavers under your feet again; follow the music.

Take your 25 steps: Step by step get to feel the color shock of 25 colored panels produced for every stance of the “Bateau Ivre”. Read the poem and feel its acute modern meaning: initiatic, revolutionary, incensed and deeply personal.

Become yourself again but hopefully changed by this experience:

Get you shoes back from the other side of your locker (Entrance and Exit are separated)

Discover the making off and the first calligraphic studies for “Becoming”.

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